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Ever since early 70s, Ma.Sol. s.r.l. began to work in the field of the medium-heavy carpentry, machine tools and steel special structures. In the last 20 years gained the confidence of the building companies: Ma.Sol. self erecting tower cranes with low rotation fully met the specific worksite needs.
Ma.Sol. s.r.l. works in a 11.000 sqm area, 3.000 sqm of which are covered.

Components’ design and production are entirely realized at Ma.Sol.’s works, utilizing certified materials and advanced technologies. Proximity between technical office and production allow to minimize losses of time and to keep a strict product standard control, contributing to the reduction costs.
The close connection created over the years with the suppliers allows a continuous renovation of the technologies fitted onto the product, crane safety and manoeuvrability.
Ma.Sol. cranes have jib from 20 m to 36 m, jib-point load capacity from 600 kg to 1.000 kg and max load capacity up to 4.000 kg.
Tower and jib structures are entirely hot-galvanized, to ensure a lasting protection of the components. If required, the crane can be supplied with galvanized base.
All slewing motors are controlled by inverter; if required, trolley motors and hoisting motors can be fitted without the electronic control. Ma.Sol. crane movement are very smooth and allow to place the loads in a very precise way.
Every crane can be levelled without the use of hydraulics stabilizers, just acting on the push-button. All cranes have inclination jib device and self-loading ballast device.

Ma.Sol. cranes are designed and constructed accordingly to German standard DIN 15019/15019/15020, the most restrictive in force. The cranes also comply to the followings norms:

  • 98/37/CE directive (Machinery Directive)
  • 73/23/CEE directive (electric material safety)
  • 2000/14/CE directive (noise emission)
  • 89/336/CEE, 92/31/CEE, 93/67/CEE, 93/68/CEE directives (electromagnetic compatibility)

Ma.Sol. cranes have CE certificate and insurance coverage.

Ma.Sol. office are able to assist and meet the customer in every request, both technical and commercial: worksite issues, transport, post-sale, bureaucracy.
Ma.Sol. s.r.l. provides its customers transport and erection. Assistance is provided through its technicians or those of resellers. Spare parts service is organized in way to reduce delivery time, to minimize losses of time in the worksite and consequent costs. The request of spare parts can be sent by phone, fax or e-mail, indicating type of crane and serial number.

Ma.Sol. also provides hire service, with a fleet of crane capable to meet the requests of its customers. For the crane on hire, Ma.Sol. provides support and, if requested, transport an erection. The fleet is composed of cranes in excellent condition

Ma.Sol. s.r.l. customer today appreciate:
- safety, reliability and easy operation of the crane in every configuration
- simple erection procedure and sample system of transport
- smooth and gradual movements allowing a simple use and maximum accuracy and positioning
The above features, with Ma.Sol. qualified service, provide to Ma.Sol. customers efficiency and productivity.